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The upper corner of the museums cloak roomis doubled by a construction of plasterboards. Inserted are a CD-Player and loud speakers.

Two chains of numbers, one ascendant, the other descendant are pronounced by a boys voice. He counts objects he perceives slowly in therecording studio, objects which could also be in the listners room (the piece was first conceived for broadcasting). If he finds the same object during his perceptive itinery, he names it. Most of the time the objects dissapear behind the numbers. Only sometimes they appear through naming: lightswitch ........ door ...

Memory Cage Editions, Zürich 1999.
CD Installation, in the exhibition 3NESS, Museum Ddondt Dhaenens,
Deurle BE, 2000.

2 CD's, Installation with 2 sound sources, in the exhibition FANTASY JACOBA IV, Bruxelles.

TWO OR THREE THINGS Museum Doondt Dhaenens, Deur-le BE, 2000, Memory Cage Editions, Zürich 1999