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A wall made of light plaster boards doubles a brick wall on both sides. The old brick wall is not an original one.  It was later inbuilt as needed, to devide the original bigger space, which is structured by repeating beams and supports. By doubling the brick wall with new plaster boards, the perception of the total, once unified space became again evident.

The voice piece consists of an exerpt of 200 titles from the data of the Library of Contemporary Art in Leizig and is exported as a spoken document in the Art Space B/2, as well in Leipzig, which is operated by young artists. The titles are in alphabetical order and are spoken by 3 voices.

2 CD's, Installation with 2 sound sources, in the exhibition
FICTIONS / FIKTIONEN, Kunstraum B/2, Leipzig, in collaboration with the Library of Contemporary Art, Leipzig.

A - Z WITHOUT 1+1 Kunstraum B/2 and library for Contemporary Art, Leipzig 2000