ANOMALIE - Exhibition at Kunsthalle Arbon 2022

I am pleased to announce my exhibition at Kunsthalle Arbon.
with a cinematic insert by James Beacham, particle physicist at CERN, Geneva

from 29 May - 10 July 2022 - Vernissage 28 May from 17h

25 June 2022 - Artist talk with Deborah Keller, Curator, James Beacham and Ilona Ruegg
ANOMALIE_Kunsthalle Arbon

ART AND SCIENCE, BOMB MAGAZINE - Issue 158 / Winter 2022

Ilona Ruegg and James Beacham, CERN Genf, in conversation

BOMB Magazine - Ilona Ruegg & James Beacham in conversation

Art and Architecture 2020

I am happy to announce winning competition for Art and Architecture

ERZ Work Yard Herdernstrasse, Zurich Ausser-Sihl


POOL Architects, Zurich
Execution Art Foundry St. Gallen

What remains in the waste recycling chain are metallic and mineral substances. From them, two skips are cast in a special open casting process. These are positioned in an open part of the building exposed to the weather.

DRIVER - Ilona Ruegg
Double container, cast out of its content, obtained materials from recycling process



From Mid November to January 2019 I have spent in the Guest Studio in Gitterwerk, St. Gallen. We have been working on my project ERLKING with test casts in the Foundry. Also works on paper have come about in the series of HOME PLOT.

DRIVER - Ilona Ruegg
aluminium cast of card board, covering wall part of hunting stand