Art and Building Competition

Project Proposal
ZAB Energypark Bazenheid

I am pleased to present the PORTAL project that I developed for the Energy Park Bazenheid (recycling centre for energy resources, district heating and phosphorus recovery) in the art and building competition. The project reached the final  round with two others. However, another project was awarded the commission.

Poster for the project in A0 format
Video of the 3D model for the project

Sep. – Oct. 2023


Artist in Residence

Embassy of Foreign Artists, Genf

I have developed a film in real time, starting from a real existing projection: every evening a street lamp casts the shadows of a leafy tree onto an unintended screen. By manipulating objects, new shadows are added. Maison Baron and its entire garden with small temporary architectures, as well as the cranes of the Pictet construction site and the buildings in the neighbourhood create a tableau vivant, of which a nomadic mirror captures fragments. The different things exist in relationships that influence each other. Production, projection and reflection take place in real time and make it possible to go beyond selective perception. The visual overload can become the ability to bring controversial things to the fore. The different conditions of the urban redevelopment of the territory are laid bare: the demolition of the entire neighbourhood, the intact island of the Maison Baron with its small park and the open building site. Shadow Construction shows in a simple way the carrying and manipulation of tools and poses questions, both concrete and abstract, about their possible use, indicated by shadows.  

Prix Visarte 2022


Art in Building Project

Entsorgung + Recycling
Herdernstrasse 40
8004 Zürich

Amt für Hochbauten Zürich

I am pleased to start the Artist in Residence at Embassy for Foreign Artists in Geneva in September. I will develop a photo series in the project Art et Territoire.



Exhibition at Kunsthalle Arbon 2022

28 May 2022

Kunsthalle Arbon
Grabenstrasse 6
9320 Arbon

Deborah Keller

I am pleased to announce my exhibition at Kunsthalle Arbon.
With a cinematic insert by James Beacham, particle physicist at CERN, Geneva



Ilona Ruegg & James Beacham

Issue 158 / Winter 2022

Ilona Ruegg and James Beacham, CERN Genf, in conversation



Ilona Ruegg in the Lemme Pavilion, Sion

29 January 2022

Pavillon Lemme
Les Arsenaux
45, rue de Lausanne
1950 Sion

For the first exhibition of its two-year program, 360° Lemme, Josiane Imhasly has invited the artist Ilona Ruegg.

Three window grills, a double threshold, darkness, and an absent display table. The exhibition LIMINAL brings together four so-called 'Drop Outs' by Ilona Ruegg, all created in 2013: objects familiar to us from everyday life, but through spatial-temporal shifts and minimal changes, they are charged with new meanings.

The Drop Outs carry moments of liminality, transition, and threshold states within them. Through reflection and dematerialization, they play into the confusion inherent in Lemme as both sculpture and architecture.

01.10.–11.10. 2020


Scholarship award

Werkschau Kanton Zürich

Museum Haus Konstruktiv
Selnaustrasse 25
8001 Zürich

Kevin Aeschbacher, Lisa Biedlingmaier, Pascale Birchler*, Julia Bodamer, Andriu Deplazes*, Rafael Grassi, Michael Günzburger, Marianne Halter & Mario Marchisella*, Raphael Hefti*, huber.huber*, Monica Ursina Jäger*, Thomas Julier*, Florence Jung, Miriam Laura Leonardi, Nina Mambourg, Michael Meier & Christoph Franz*, Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, Ursula Palla, Hannah Parr, Gregory Polony*, Ilona Ruegg*, Rico Scagliola & Michael Meier, Pascal Sidler, Elza Sile*, Sebastian Stadler, Rebekka Steiger, Robert Steinberger, U5*, Veli & Amos, Pedro Wirz

* Cantonal Work Grant

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