ART MÔTIERS 2015, Art en plein aire, Catalogue for group exhibition in Motiers 2015

Texts: Pierre-André Delachaux and Artists, Contribution Ilona Ruegg LOAD 2015, P.122 / 123
160 P. french and german, in colour: projects of 61 artists

DROP OUT, Catalogue for the exhibition DROP OUT, Kunst(Zeug)Haus, Rapperswil 2013

Texts: Daniela Hardmeier, Vanessa Joan Müller
64 P. german and english, in colour: Drop Out Objects, Project Missing Morandi and Holding, Photo series
ISBN 978-3-86833-122-6

REPETITION IN BUFFER STORE, Ilona Ruegg, Frankfurt 2008

Text within the project „Buffer Store for a Collection“, not realised

AIR HOUSE / Time Construction 4, Ilona Ruegg, Frankfurt 2007

Text: Mika Hannula, Conversation: Edgar,Schmitz, Ilona Ruegg, Notes: Ilona Ruegg
48 P. german and english, in B/W

EX BOX / Time Construction 3, llona Ruegg, Frankfurt 2006

Conversation: Rudolf Schmitz, Ilona Ruegg, Noties: Ilona Ruegg
24 P. english, in B/W

GAGARIN, Nr.13, Antwerp 2006

Text: Ilona Ruegg, “Pathway”, P. 40-50 german, english and flemish
ISBN 90-76987-11-4

OPPENHEIM AWARD, 2001 - 2002, Published as enclosure for Kunstbulletin 2006

Conversation: “Deviation”, Daniel Kurjakovic with Ilona Ruegg P.15 - 33

ENTROPY, on the Disappearance of the Work, AR/GE Kunst, Galerie Museum Bozen 2004

Texts: Moritz Küng, Franz Xaver Baier, contribution Ilona Ruegg: “Light in Wall”
92 P. german, english, in B/W
ISBN 3-937577-98-X

ILONA RUEGG, Catalogue for the exhibition “Volumes / Unpublished”, Kunsthalle Bern, 2002

Texts: Bernard Fibicher, Edgar Schmitz
Photo Series: Town Town, Fair Town, Trees older than me, waiting, Slopes and Inclination, Installation: Volumes / unpublished
64 P. german und french, in B/W, Duplex
ISBN 3-85780-134-4

FOOT NOTES, llona Ruegg, Bern, 2002

Annex to the Catalogue with text sources on the voice piece “Volumes / unpublished”

LINKS : RECHTS (LEFT : RIGHT), Edition of 100, Bartleby & Co, Brussels 2000

A sheet of paper, folded twice, perforated.
“Sei es nur, dass du schon immer Rechtshänder warst, doch nie als Linkshänder autorisiert”
(Unless, you have been already righthanded but never authorised as being righthanded)
in mirrored writing on the same side: “Linkshänder sind Autoren anderer Geschichten”. (Lefthander are authors of other stories)
ISBN 2-930279-16-8


Texte: Daniel Kurjakovic, Roland Barthes
CD: Beitrag, Ilona Ruegg, TWO OR THREE THINGS, Audio Piece,
Beitrag Ilona Ruegg: S. 83-87, “Page one to four, on a sheet of paper, a room, in a room, from room to room”.
ISBN 3-907053-11-7

DIE ECHTE BREITE :BEHALTE EINS (Real Width :Hold One), Ilona Ruegg, Catalogue, Helmhaus Zürich, 1995

Texts: Daniel Kurjakovic, Marie-Louise Lienhard, Johannes Gachnang
96 P. german, in colour. paintings and drawings
ISBN 3-906396-29-0

DIE RÄNDER DER GEGENWART (Borders of the Present), Ilona Ruegg, Catalogue for the exhibition at Kunstmuseum Zürich, Westfälischer Kunstverein Münster, Kunstverein St.Gallen, 1990/91

Texts: Friedrich Meschede, Ursula Perucchi, Felix Thürlemann
102 P. german, in colour. paintings and drawings
ISBN 3-925047-12-3

ILONA RUEGG, Catalogue for the exhibition at Swiss Institute New York 1992

Texts: Brita Polzer, Hans Rudolf Reuscht
36 P. german and english, in colour. paintings and drawings

ILONA RUEGG, Catalogue, Kunsthalle Bern 1989

Texts: Ulrich Loock, Geoffrey Baxter
36 P. german, in colour. paintings

LOCUS TREMULUS, Ilona Ruegg, Istituto Svizzero Roma 1985

56 P. german, in B/W, drawings
Texts: Dante Alighieri, Leonardo Da Vinci, Albrecht Dürer, Piero della Francesca, Jean Gebser, Boris Nieslony, Ilona Ruegg, Gertrude Stein